Reproducing Genuine Colors


Projection Screen Solution
for Extremely High Installations

Grandview's Skyshow screen is the world's first large motorized with a built-in self-winding cable system. The Skyshow screen utilizes two heavy duty cables on a separate motorized system that gives it the ability to lower the screen to a maximum of 5 meters. The unique system is designed to be neatly hidden within the casing. At the touch of a button on the remote control, the screen will self adjust to same the desired distance and automatically unfold. When in operation, the casing is lowered and at the same time the screen also begins to lower, creating a theatrical feel. Based on a complex and innovative system, it is designed to be balanced, accurate in adjustment, and has numerous safety and security features.

Skyshow Model A with Canvas Safe-belt space Skyshow Model B with Tightwire

● Anti-Brake Mechanism

This mechanism is designed to prevent the winding cable being broken. This safety device will hold the screen within 20cm in the event the screen falls abruptly like a seat belt.

● Anti-Collision System

The screen will cut off the electric power and stop when there is an obstacle in the retracting process, ensuring safety for the user and its surroundings. Power will be recovered after removing away the obstacle.

5col_a 5col_b 5col_c
Easy & Safe Installation Lock Brake Mechanism Touch-Stop Security Device for Model B Only
Three Level Safety Positioning System
5col_d 1. Touch-Stop Security Device

The Touch-Stop safety design is set on the cable which can prevent damage to the screen and /or cable system.

5col_e 2. Electronic Positioning System

Electronic Positioning System provides users to set the maximum and minimum range easily of the cable system. Preset the operation height of the screen via the remote control - it's accurate, fast, safe and reliable.

5col_f 3. Motor Positioning

The factory setting (adjustable) of the max distance that the screen casing can be safely lowered is 5 meters.

Multi-Control System
Full-Function Wireless Remote Controller

● Allows controlling the fabric and casing separately
● Electronic Positioning System can be adjusted after programming.

2ccol_a Media-Control

Various control options are allowed, include features like computer/ central control and Synchro Power Relay to operate both the projector and screen in sync.

Optional Fabric Features 

● Last-long Flatness

With four layer structure including Fiberglass, Stretchness less than 1% which ensures the last-long flatness

● Sophisticated Images

Engraved with optical microgroove on the surface, with resolution more than 125 line pairs per mm, which ensures the sharpness of the projected images

● Color Accuracy

The reflection light are evenly distributed with less than 60K difference between incident angle and reflection angle

● Wide Color Range

With high contrast processment, while maintaining the color accuracy and color range is widely presented to provided a more vivid image

Fabric Types
Standard Accessories


●Wireless Remote Controller


●Brake Mechanism x 2


●Cable Box


●Multimedia Connecting Line

Optional Accessories 
●Wall Switch Control

Manual Control
Pluging right into the EXTCTRL slot on screen's integrated control interface, Manual Control is another extended controller for screen. This manual control dose not integrate RS485 or USB connections.


RS485 Wall Switch Control

Integrating RS485 and USB connections, this adapter plugs right into the screen's integrated control interface. A central control via computer can control the operation of the screen and manual buttons are provided for convenience.