Ultimate Recessed Motorized Screen

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Ultimate Recessed Motorized Screen
● Casing Separation Technology

To reduce the vibration and noise, we provide a revolutionary solution by separating the casing and re-connect it through rubber link, the operation noise is less than 60dB.

● Simplified Structure

With more simplified design targeting projection screens with size smaller than 120”(16:9), the Ultimate Recessed screen has a decoration ceiling panel that is just 135mm wide, which is 20% than Premium Recessed model. The minimum installation height is just 120mm which is 52% less.

● Lightweight Design

Using the enhanced casing and roller made of aluminum alloy, the screen is durable and much lighter, take 120”(16:9) for example, the net weight is just 19.2Kg which is 39% less than Premium Recessed model.


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