Edge Fixed-Frame

Reproducing Genuine Colors

For The Ultimate Private Moments
It is a great pleasure to enjoy big screen movies in your private theatre. With three types of ISF certified fabric, the Edge series frame screen brings you the juiciest colors and most realistic pixels imaginable.

Edge over Edgeless
A certain amount of Edge for a projection screen is important not just for harmonious design but also to absorb even the tiniest edge distortion during keystone adjustment.

Edge with Strength
To overcome the conflicts between Slim and Strength, the Edge series Frame Screen separates the decoration frame from structure frame to ensure the last long square in projection.

Last Long Flatness
Flat is one of the most important factors for a good screen. The structure of Edge series Frame Screen is built on the snap lug tensioned system which were proved to be solid in the past 17 years.

About Installation
It is just a one man job

To save your cost, the installation system is designed to be a one man and one time job. With the parallel aluminum bracket holds the top and bottom frame, the whole screen is balanced in tension for a last long solid structure.

About Package
Receive with happiness

For those long items like projection screens, it is easy to get damaged during logistics. To make sure of your happiness when receiving the screen, the package is designed to be shortest possible and enhanced with extra corner protector.

To Optimize your viewing experience
We suggest to install the Edge frame screen following the common standards of Home Theatre system